The Mission

Based in Southern Ca. WesJet Entertainment is a Movement of Higher Self Influence, Expressed Through Creativity.

A Video & Social Media Agency Showcasing People & Products with Purpose.

We Work with + Bring Awareness to, Brands & Individuals Striving Towards Their Highest Purpose.

WJE’s Main Aim is to Showcase & bring out the Best of our clients & Those Watching by using Unique Video & Social Media Marketing Techniques that impact people on a Deeper Level.

In Hopes That We Not Only Help Brands Grow & Develop, But Help Everyone Involved Grow, Develop, & Be That Much Closer to Their Purpose & Goals.

We will be publishing our own original content, & sharing content we capture for other brands we work with.

Plus bringing Awareness to anything that inspires us.

We look forward to building a Team of Self Influenced Leaders who go on to create their OWN Movements.

I always wanted to help make the World a better place, this is where my (R)evolution shifts up a gear.

Let’s Go!

– Jarred Browne

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