Music has such an impact on life that it only felt right to include it in this movement.

After getting injured and making the decision to no longer race Moto, I had no idea what else I was good at. Looking back it felt like I was born onto a dirt bike and I was a little lost without it. I did however know that I loved music and learned from riding Moto that if you love something, you’ll stick to it once you try it and will become good at it.

I started doing some research and ended up teaching myself how to write songs/poetry. Though the lyrics weren’t the most positive at first, it was a major confidence boost for me to learn how to do it.

This became a huge tool in rebuilding my confidence and helping me start accomplishing what I wanted to in my life moving forward. I know a lot of us have heard that we should write down our goals. I upped this a notch and started writing songs (and writing period) about what I wanted to see happen in my life. Or wrote like I had already achieved it.

Few years later and a lot of the things I wrote about have came true. I learned through this method that its much easier to convince yourself your goals are achievable when your’e expressing them in a creative way that you end up repeating over and over again.

Plus you end up feeling proud of yourself and like you’ve already accomplished one goal by completing the song. Which helps project you to the next one.

Not to mention how much it helps with keeping your mind focused on a dirt bike.