Based in Southern Ca. WesJet Entertainment LLC is a Movement of Self Influence expressed through Creativity. Moto, Music, and Self Mental Mentoring have been key tools toward finding myself, what drives me, my dreams, and what has helped turned most of them into reality. My main focus is to help others accomplish the same feat, then express it confidently to the world in their own unique, creative ways. I will be creating content featuring myself, as well as content I capture with inspired companies and individuals. Plus offering up several new, and improved, Moto Mentoring programs. Some of which will include an edit like you see below. For now its mostly myself, but I look forward to building a team of Self Influenced leaders who go on to create their own movements. Ive always wanted to help make the world a better place, this is where my (r)evolution shifts up a gear.

Jarred Browne